Achoo! Sex and the Swine Flu

Everyone’s sort of freaked out about the whole “H1N1″ stuff…. My mom’s calling me asking me to go get the shot (no thanks…) and I get emails at work with attachments from the CDC on things like remembering to wash our hands more so we don’t have to use our sick days.

Even Cosmopolitan magazine, my favorite source for bad and hilarious “sex tips” has gotten into the game…



My own personal Swine Flu sex tip? Don’t have sex with a snotty sick person, or someone that hangs out with snotty sick people! And if you don’t heed my warning, at least use a really good toy cleaner afterward, like Pjur Medclean. Available as a spray or in handy wipes this amazing made in Germany (you know the Germans make good stuff) doesn’t just kill bacteria like other toy cleaners, it’s also anti-fungal and anti-viral, killing shit like Hep B and HIV on contact (and maybe swine flu too!?). Despite it’s microbe-ass-kickin’ powers, Pjur Medclean is safe for your body and for use on all toys.

spray wipes

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