Crowdfunding Alert: “Oh Joy Sex Toy… The Book!”

I’ve been a fan of Erika Moen’s “Oh Joy Sex Toy” for a while now; I even included a link to the site in my first Link Roundup. Erika’s comics are always funny and well written, whether she’s reviewing a new toy or teaching the masses about emergency contraception.


Now Erika has gone to Kickstarter (as you might now from my previous article, items having to do with sex toys are kind of scandalous for the platform) to help raise funds to produce a book featuring her work. A $35 donation gets you a softcover version of the upcoming book or for $10 more you can get a copy with a bookplate signed by the author herself. I’ll be backing this project ASAP and I suggest you do to if you are a fan of comics and great sex!


h/t to Lux Alptraum for the link

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