Egg Fucker (alternate title: would you stick your dick in this?)

We sell these Tenga Eggs at my store. They are these little one time use male masturbators made by the Japanese (they are so crafty when it comes to sex toys) that are packaged in a way that is reminiscent of a Kinder Surprise – they both come with a prize inside, right!? Even though we have some “demo models” out on display for customers to poke and prod at I’m pretty sure that we’ve had to damage out more of these than we’ve actually sold due to people opening them up to figure out what the hell they actually are. I can understand the confusion… even after looking at one of these egg things out of the package myself I’m not really sure if these are a good idea or not.


So internet, what do you think? Would you stick your dick in this? Have you used these before? Was it any good? Inquiring minds (who don’t have a penis to test this thing out on) want to know!

And FYI: In case this post piqued your interest, sells these bad boys for $5.99 a pop in their “toys for men” section, which I think is the cheapest I’ve ever seen them for.

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