Exposing Yourself to a Crowd – The Sexy Side Of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a big thing on the internet right now for obvious reasons – getting the public to fund your next venture is a lot better than having to put the money up yourself. Filmmakers, musicians, inventors, and more have all turned to crowdfunding to make their next big thing happen, so it is no surprise that the world of porn and sex toys wants in on the action too.

Kickstarter, perhaps the most well-known crowdfunding site on the web, has repeatedly denied “adult” products and projects from its platform. To date only one sex-toy related product has ever received funding and it was pretty tame. MUA – a discreet “pleasure products organizer” (that’s just a fancy way of saying “vibrator storage case”) was able to raise almost $3.5k over their initial goal in December of 2013, with their toy boxes and cases shipping to backers starting March of 2014.

Since Kickstarter first hit it big, plenty of other crowdfunding sites have popped up. Indiegogo smartly has no ban on pleasure-product projects, making it the go-to destination for inventors and manufacturers of vibrators and other toys to find funding for their next big idea. Plenty of projects have failed (a showerhead dildo, a wifi-enabled rabbit vibe, and an oral-sex lube that helps fight cavities are just a few flops), but tons of others have received full funding. Indiegogo success stories include Revel (now available in stores), a round “sonic vibrator” that went 324% over goal, earning $152,140 in funding back in May of 2013 and Vibease, a wearable smart-phone controlled vibe that went 870% over goal in August of 2013 and will begin shipping to backers sometime this month. Soon to join the ranks of Revel and Vibease is the Autoblow 2 – a super-realistic electronic male masturbator with interchangeable sleeves. After features on on Vice and Techcrunch, this project has already gone 393% over goal with 23 days of funding left!

revel body crowdfunded sex toy

Revel Body – After receiving over $150k in funding on Indiegogo, this sonic vibe is now available online and in brick-and-mortar adult boutiques.

Offbeatr is another crowdfunding site that sprang up to try to fill in the hole that Kickstarter created with with ban on porny products. However, Offbeatr stands out from the crowd in that it is dedicated to adult creative projects only. Fans and supporters on the site can pledge their support to a variety of sexy pursuits – from furry comics, hentai drawing courses, body inflation CGI movies, and modular dungeon furniture. While most of the projects on Offbeatr tend to be well… “offbeat” and kinky, pornstar Proxy Paige received full funding for her upcoming film “Proxy Infiltrates Europe” through the site on April 20, 2014.

The newest kid on the naughty crowdfunding block is Piggy Bank Girls. Launched just a few weeks ago by two young German marketing students for use by camgirls and their fans, PBG for has much looser requirements for their projects than similar  platforms. As such, you can find ladies looking to fund new tattoos, weekend vacations, and even the purchase of a new pet mixed in with campaigns for upgraded photo and video equipment in exchange for rewards of sexy photosets and videos. Recently alt-porn darling a Mandy Morbid has set up a campaign on the site to help pay for a new pink wheelchair – you can donate here.

With the popularity of crowdfunding on the rise, more and more adult-friendly sites are popping up each day. So if you’ve got a brilliant idea for a sex robot that tickles your taint while it files your taxes, gather up your napkin sketches and tin-can prototypes and slap them online. The money’s out there, and you don’t even have to impress Mark Cuban to get it!


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