Oy Vey, schtup me in the tuchas!

Perhaps in honor of today being the last day of Passover, we just received one of the most ridiculous “niche” porn moves I have ever come across at my store… Jew porn, courtesy of Dollhouse Digital’s “Nice Jewish Girls“!

Though I appreciate the effort (the dreidel as a buttplug is a nice touch), gagging blowjobs and gaping buttholes don’t seem terribly “Jewish” to me… and anyways, since when did Dana DeArmond become one of “the chosen people”?!? Regardless, here are some pictures of supposedly “Nice Jewish Girls” and one actual Jewish boy who do things that would make your Rabbi blush, courtesy of AVN.com.

And if the idea of Jewish girls with babushkas on their heads getting their tooshies porked tickles your fancy, you can stream the movie for the low low price of $7.46 (what a bargain!) at Gamelink.com.

  1. April 6, 2010
  2. April 6, 2010

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