Ryan Keely’s bedroom “pet peeves”

Want to know how to make sure you please Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely in bed? Well today’s your lucky day. She’s written a little guide of the top 9 mistakes guys have made in bed and gives you some easy tips on how to make things right!

1 . Not making sandwiches.
After a nice orgasm (or seven), I have one thing to say: “Where’s my sandwich?” I’m starving after a serious sack session. Your quick fix: Please be a good host and keep sandwich making materials on hand.

2 .Coming first and thinking you’re done.
A failure to make me orgasm will result in the saddest face you’ve ever seen, followed by the worst night of sleep you’ve ever had—if you can sleep at all while a naked me is fondling your nether regions and grinding against you. Your quick fix: Get me off, of course. I’ll be responsible for my own orgasm when I’m alone, but when I’m with you, I’m looking for something more. Please note: If you come first but you’re still hard or quick to regain tumescence, all will be forgiven.

3 . Trying every single foreplay move you’ve ever heard of.
Foreplay is not as important as you think, unless you’re ugly. Five minutes is plenty for me, and it can be plenty for most women if you do it right. Your quick fix: Make sure I’m wet or lubed up before you thrust into me, and at least sometimes make me come first. Please note: Oral sex is sex, not foreplay.

Read the rest of Ryan’s tips at PenthouseMagazine.com!

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