Thank you Bup!



These pictures were taken especially for my friend Bup as a bit of a thank you present. He is a huge fan of Gianna (and her huge boobs) and he had bought me some treats from my wishlist for me right before I went to LA…. and when I got home my presents were waiting for me.

necklace img_0013

A puzzle piece necklace to match the tattoos i have behind my ears and two really cool books that I’ve been reading the past few weeks (haven’t really had the time to sit down and finish either of them).

The weather down here has been gray and rainy the past few days and I tend to get bad migraines when it gets like this so I’m not feeling to great, even after I took some extra strength advil. I think i’m going to go lay down in a dark room and wait to feel a little better. :( Better blog posts are coming soon, I promise!

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