The Wrong Way to Clean Your Fleshlight

The Fleshlight is considered to be one of the best non-living things a man can stick his dick in. With a slew of realistic-feeling replicas of the buttholes, mouths and snatches of some of the best ladies in the biz (Lisa Ann, Asa Akira, and Alexis Texas, to name a few — along with aliens, zombies and cyborgs if that’s your thing), and a variety of tantalizing inner textures, it’s not a big surprise they’ve become as popular as they have. But owning a Fleshlight comes with one small responsibility – just like anything else you cum in, it’s probably a good idea to keep it clean.

However, Reddit user “dirtypeckermoldballs“* (hint: his username is a spoiler) didn’t think he needed to clean his beloved Fleshlight during its five years of diligent service. Sometimes he’d “take the cap off the end and stand over the toilet and pee through it” (‘cause urine is sterile, right?!), but mostly he’d just shove it, cum and all, into a shoebox stored under his bed. Once, he even decided to light the poor thing on fire while he was fucking it – resulting in melted pussy lips on the Fleshlight and second-degree burns on his dick… and of course he didn’t wash it that time either. No surprise to any normal person, it got gross. Really fucking gross. Like, random black chunks being stuck to his dick while fucking it gross. So like any curious pervert, dirtypeckermoldballs decided to perform an autopsy on his faux-vagina before retiring it in favor of a newer model…. and what he found is TERRIFYING!

Mold…. disgusting toxic black mold in every nook, cranny and pleasure rib!
dirty fleshlight

*(Besides fucking a squishy tube full of black mold, other things our friend dirtypeckermoldballs enjoys include: shoving glowsticks up his peehole, cutting off the blood to his boner using zip ties, and, until a back-injury took him out of the game, performing auto-fellatio)


Own a Fleshlight and don’t want to end up with disgusting mold on your cock? The solution is easy… wash your Fleshlight after every use! Here’s how:

1. Immediately after use, take out the sleeve and run water through it to rinse out all your jizz

2. Spray down the inside and outside of the sleeve with antibacterial Fleshwash

3. While you’re at it, rinse out the Fleshlight case with some soap and water

4. Allow the damn thing to air dry completely

5. Once dry, dust the sleeve with Renewing Powder to keep your Fleshlight soft and non-sticky

If this seems like too much work for you, maybe a disposable Tenga cup is more your style. These Japanese masturbation sleeves come pre-lubed and are one-time-use so you can just toss ‘em in the trash after you get your rocks off, no cleaning required!

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