Weekly Link Roundup #10

This Is What Dinosaurs Having Sex Looked Like – BuzzFeed
Basically this is just dinosaur porn under the guise of science. Spoiler: The T.rex liked to get cuddly before going to pound-town.

Rihanna Stuns in Completely Sheer Dress at CFDA Awards 2014 – JustJared
Following her banning from Instagram for posting topless pictures, songstress Rihanna is at it again. And by “at it” I mean she is being fucking amazing and incredibly sexy, this time showing up at the CDFA fashion awards in an amazing see-through jewel encrusted gown that left very little to the imagination!

The Town Where Your Sex Toy Could Land You in Jail – The Daily Beast
In 2009 Sandy Springs, GA passed a city ordinance banning the sale and distribution of all sex toys but now 2 residents are heading to court in an attempt to overturn the law. “You’ve got to fight… for your right…. to VIIIIBRATE!”

Guys Buy More Sex Toys Before the World Cup So Women Won’t Be Mad at Them, Apparently – Nerve
According to luxury sex-toy makers LELO, they see a sharp uptick of men buying toys for their ladyfriends right around major sporting events like the World Cup and Super Bowl. No complaints here… who doesn’t enjoy presents and orgasms?

Gonewild in LEGO – Imgur
When comments on amateur porn pictures get taken out of context and illustrated by LEGO minifigs funny stuff happens.

Celebrities’ TMI Confessions: Stars Overshare About Their Sex Lives – HuffPo
In celebrity sex news that you probably didn’t need to know Robert Downey Jr. is an ex-compulsive masturbator and Nick Cannon loves to listen to Mariah Carey cds while he’s fucking his wife… Mariah Carey.

Poll: How Often Do You Really Masturbate? – Jezebel
According to a 2009 study, tons of American women don’t masturbate for a full year or more. The ladies over at Jezebel don’t believe the stats and asked their readers how often they “tiptoe through the twolips“” and discovered that either Gawker readers are super pervs compared to the rest of society or the women from the last study lied about their jillin’ off schedules.

Sex Advice from Porn Stars: Kelly Shibari – Crave Online
Kelly Shibari, Penthouse mag’s first plus-size cover girl, speaks her mind about her turn-ons, fave sex positions, and the advantages of being a big girl when getting it on.

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