Weekly Link Roundup #11

Cannabis Lube Will Get Your Vagina High – Cosmo
Foria, a new vegan coconut oil-based lube has a unique special ingredient – weed oil! Running $88 a bottle, it claims to heighten arousal and sensation, helping women achieve orgasm quicker and more often. I’ve got no clue if it works any better than just getting stoned the old fashioned way, but if you are a CA resident with a medical marijuana card you can order a bottle to find out for yourself!

You’ll Never Believe What’s Inside This Relief Worker’s Luggage – Mashable
UK paper The Guardian made a bit of a snafu earlier this week when they tweeted a picture of Dave Higgins, a humanitarian worker in Afghanistan’s luggage. Along with the expected food rations sleeping bag, and swiss army knife was something a little surprising – A FLESHLIGHT!

Is Female Ejaculation Even Real? 5 Myths Debunked – Refinery29
Short answer: YES! Planned Parenthood’s Kendall McKenzie gets to the bottom of five common misconceptions about squirting.

Man’s Penis Mistaken For Bag Of Vegetables – HuffPo
Another day, another weird news story to come out a Florida, where a 77-year old man was arrested for rubbing his junk on the back of an unsuspecting woman. While at a DeLand farmer’s market, Luis Gonzoga allegedly placed his “baby carrot” in a plastic produce bag before getting behind his unsuspecting victim, who assumed she was being bumped with bunch of organic veggies until a witness alerted her of the crime.

Transsexual Porn Star’s Wife – He Can’t be My Hubby: He Doesn’t Have a Penis! – TMZ
Buck Angel, star of such films as “More Bang for Your Buck” and “Buck’s Beaver”, is in the midst of a messy divorce with ex-partner Elayne Angel. She’s fighting to get out of paying Buck $2k/mo in spousal support claiming they were never officially married. Louisiana law doesn’t support same-sex marriage and only recognizes sex changes when the bottom parts are surgically switched – something Buck, who famously nicknamed himself “The Man with a Pussy” never had.

Italian Porn Star Swears Off Sex To Support World Cup Team – The Telegraph
In support of his home team, porn stud Rocco Siffredi is swearing off sex as long as the Italian national team continues to compete in the World Cup, which began yesterday. While we wish his team the best of luck, I’m sure plenty of porn fans and the women he fucks are hoping for the opposite! And, if you happen to know Italian, you can view the video where Rocco announces his soccer-induced chastity here.

For One Night Stands, Girth Matters – LiveScience
I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. Bad news first – Size matters, according to a new study. After being supplied a selection of 3D-printed penii, women said they prefer girthier gherkins when they’re looking for a quicky with a new partner. And now, the good news – women selected cocks with less circumference when asked to choose one with which to have in a long term relationship. Bonus good news: the study also found that women tend to overestimate size – so that average-sized snake in your pants may seem like an anaconda to your next partner!

What Should You Nickname Your Man’s Penis? – Buzzfeed
Ladies, searching for a new pet name for your boyfriend’s junk? Dudes, do you think your man-meat deserves a new moniker? If so, take this 7 question quiz, though I can’t promise that the answers are any good.

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