Weekly Link Roundup #2

  • Excuse me, waiter… What exactly is in that cream sauce? Taiwan opened a sex-themed cafe. – YouTube
    Turn off the sound on this one, folk, as it features an incredibly annoying TMZ-esque narration. Here are the highlights of the restaurant known as Funny Sex: sexy aprons, dick-shaped ice cream and rice, a boob hand soap dispenser,  blow up doll meal-companions, hot pots in the shape of a woman’s chest, and enough phallic novelties to throw at least 5 Vegas Bachelorette parties. 
  • “So a hooker walks into a bar…” Reddit complies their favorite dirty jokes – /r/AskReddit
    Two nuns are riding in a horse and carriage. One of the nuns starts looking around and then at the other nun; and says “I’ve never come this way before”. The second nun smiles and says “It’s the cobblestone streets, dear” 
  • The easy way to cross “Join the Mile High Club” off your to-do list – HuffPo
    Las Vegas-based Love Cloud offers chartered “sight-seeing” flights in a Cesna 421 with a customized cabin featuring a giant mattress for a floor, sex-positioning pillows, and a light-and-sound system to really set the mood. Flights start at $799 and include Mile High Club membership cards! 
  • Job Hunting? Here’s a tip: DON’T include a picture of your penis – Gawker
    The Dallas man who decided to do otherwise didn’t get the job… but he was issued a ticket for “obscene display or distribution”! 
  • British man fucks hot chicken pasty, burns dick, threatens to sue. – Veooz
    A pasty is basically the British version of a Hot Pocket, proving that the desire to fuck pie-like foodstuffs transcends continents and nationalities. 
  • Catherine the Great’s Dirty Home Decor – Imgur
    You can’t find stuff like this at Ikea… Bonus: French craftsman Dominique Roitel has recreated the table and chair from Catherine’s collection, which can be yours for a cool $169,000 and $369,000, respectively. 
  • Dazed & Confused published a great interview with photographer Barbara Nitke about the Golden Age of porn in the 1980s NYC. –  Dazed Digital
    If you’re as fascinated with the heyday of porn in 1980s NYC as I am, I’d suggest picking up a copy of “The Other Hollywood: The Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Film Industry” by Legs McNeil or Nitke’s new book, American Ecstasy. 
  • And now for something completely different…

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