Weekly Link Roundup #3

Sorry I missed a week… I was on vacation and didn’t have any time to scour the internet for links!


  • 11 animals whose sex lives will make you feel better about your own - Buzzfeed
    Banana Slugs chew off each other’s penises before they bang and male hippos use poop as an aphrodisiac…really puts your last “bad sex” experience into perspective, eh? 
  • Can you guess which countries last longest in bed? - Daily Dot
    Spoiler alert: America wins at 3 min and 45 seconds. USA! USA USA! The same people who made this infographic also put together a similar one that breaks it down state by state if you want to see how you compare to your fellow countrymen. 
  • Brooklyn’s smallest penis contest is back for 2014, still nuts - HuffPo
    Mark your calendar – for June 14th. Finally…. a beauty pageant *you* might actually be able to win! 
  • Actual food porn - The Bold Italic
    Sick of seeing #foodporn popping up all over social media, the director decided to make their food actually fuck and this is the result. 1:30 of pepper on banana action, complete with the old standby “pizza guy” porno storyline. 
  • Norway man finds adult toy in cod’s stomach - The Local
    A fisherman retrieved half of a rabbit-style vibe from the guts of his catch. Insert “smells like fish” joke here. 
  • Coming out as a porn star - Vox
    Writer Dylan Matthews interviews familiar faces including Stoya, jessica drake, Joanna Angel, Danny Wylde, and Buck Angel about their experiences telling their family, friends and loved ones about their decision to go into porn. 
  • The seven deadly sins of sex - Playboy
    Based on this article, author Olive Day sounds like a real bummer. Included on her list of sins: shower sex, road head, and handjobs. Really?!? 
  • Forget taking a little blue pill – now you can have Viagra ice cream - The Daily Mail
    British ice cream maker Lick Me I’m Delicious has created a champagne flavored ice cream with a dose of real-deal boner pills in each blue-colored scoop. I’m running out of steam here…. something something… have your cake and eat it too? 
  • And now for something completely different…

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