Weekly Link Roundup #4

  • Teen Had Loaded Revolver In Her Vagina - The Smoking Gun
    A Tennessee teen decided that hiding a loaded 4-inch North American Arms 22 LR mini-revolver would be her ticket to surviving a stint in the slammer after being popped for driving with a suspended license. The gun turned out to be stolen, having been snatched during a car burglary before being shoved up the young perp’s snatch.
  • Critique My Dick Pic - Tumblr
    Ever wondered if your latest cell phone cock shot is worthy of a sext or Snapchat? Send it over to this Tumblr, where the owner will grade and critique your crotch-selfie based on lighting and composition…  but never on the size of your junk. How nice!
  • Porn stars getting shafted by Chase Bank - Perez Hilton
    Chase Bank has decided to become to moral police (again), shutting down the personal accounts of 100+ porn stars including Teagan Presley and Dakota Skye.
  • A look at Scarlett Johansson’s nude scene in ‘Under the Skin’ - Nerve
    To the delight of most red-blooded men (and quite a few ladies, too), ScarJo finally goes full-frontal nude in her new indie film, Under The Skin. Luckily for you, stills from the movie have made it to the internet so you can use that $12 you would have spent on the ticket on better things, like porn or drugs.
  • “Kill Girl Kill” and whatever happened to Altporn - Naked Truth
    Gram Ponate, ” America’s Beloved Porn Journalist“,  waxes poetic on the heyday of alt-porn, Eon McKai, and Vivid-Alt. Remember Art School SlutsDana DeArmond‘s early days as “The Internet’s Girlfriend”, and when porn had soundtracks by the Circle Jerks? Gram Ponate remembers
  • Melbourne’s moronic sex-shop robber - Herald Sun
    In news so dumb it is  hard to believe it is actually true, a 20-year old Australian man was arrested for robbing a sex shop. I know I know, that in it of itself it’s too crazy, so just wait til you hear what he did next… Mere minutes after making off with his booty of money and cigarettes, he returned to the scene of the crime to purchase a bunch on sex toys and other goodies with the money he’d just stolen from the shop!
  • Man Jailed for 6 Months Over Loud Sex - Newser
    An Italian man has been sentenced to 6 months in jail after  dozen of his neighbors filed a complaint that constant loud sex with his screamer of a girlfriend was filling their condo building with disturbing “screams and moans”. This isn’t the first time noisy sex has resulted in a conviction – so if you plan on taking a romantic vacation to Italy with a loud lover, I suggest you pack a ball gag in your suitcase!
  • Sexy World Records - Youtube
    Did you know… the world largest penis measured 9.5 inches FLACID, the largest natural breasts measured in at 102ZZ (good luck finding a bra in that size…),  and someone once masturbated non-stop for 9 hours and 58 minutes??? You might not be able to beat that first record but with enough practice beating your meat you could claim the masturbatory world record for yourself!
  • And now for something completely different…

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