Weekly Link Roundup #5

  • Sex advice from Stoya - Refinery 29
    Porn superstar (and my personal favorite performer, in case you didn’t know) Stoya speaks her mind about erotica, squirting, and more. 
  • How many words that mean penis do you know? - Buzzfeed
    Tick off as many of the 70 slang terms you know & use (ranging from the mild “organ” to more out there options like “spam dagger” and “veiny love tree”) to find out how pervy you really are. 
  • Better sex through yoga - World Lifestyle
    Roll out your yoga mat and pop into these 10 poses to prep yourself for sex. Did you know the Bridge also doubles as a Kegel workout? 
  • Instagram’s biggest playboy throws porn star off roof - TMZ
    Porn performer Janice Griffith broke her foot after a stunt went horribly wrong during a Hustler shoot in Hollywood Hills with a millionaire pro-poker “bad boy”. Dan Bilzerian picked up Janice BY THE VAG(!!!) and then tossed her headfirst into a pool 1 floor below… but Janice didn’t exactly make it and slammed her foot into the concrete before making it into the pool. A party-goer was right to film the madness, as they caught the whole thing on tape. 
  • From prep-school kid to millionaire porn star - New York Post
    A great interview with Asa Akira, tracing her life from rep-school kid in NYC to Wicked Contract star and author (with stints as a stripper, dominatrix, and radio show regular in between). 
  • Rihanna goes topless for Lui magazine- Gossip Cop
    Singer Rihanna almost got banned on Instagram this Wednesday for posting tan-liney topless photos from her cover and spread in French magazine Lui. Luckily, some brave citizens saved the now-deleted images for the rest of the world to enjoy! 
  • New study claims big penis = cheating wife - HuffPo
    A new study out of Kenya found that men with larger dongs were more likely to be cheated on by their wives than men with more average sized members. Finally, a win for the little guy! 
  • 7 types of dirty talkers - The Frisky
    This episode of the “Funny Girl Sex Guide” video series breaks down every kind of dirty talker, both good and bad, including the “romantic”, “daddy”,  and “narrator”. 

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