Weekly Link Roundup #6

  • Nikki Benz for Mayor -TMZ
    Now that crack-loving Toronto mayor Rob Ford has stepped down to *finally* go to rehab, porn starlet Nikki Benz is throwing her hat into the ring with help from the folks over at Brazzers. Among her many campaign promises is the vow to make “National Masturbation Day” a city-wide holiday.
  • A Porno by Wes Anderson – YouTube
    This hilarious retelling of a “Big Sausage Pizza” movie is given a hipster makeover by way of san-serif type, vintage-y costumes, and Margot Tenenbaum-esque female costar.
  • Virginity Auction closes at $800,000 – Gawker
    The auction for 28 year old med student Elizabeth Raine’s virginity finally ended this week, with a final bid over $800k. However, Liz ultimately decided to back out of the deal a day later in a now-deleted blog post, proving this publicity-whore will hold onto her maidenhead a least a little while longer.
  • Couple Arrested For Sex Acts On Church Lawn – The Smoking Gun
    The power of Christ compels you…. TO GET NASTY! A Utah couple were arrested last week after a Mr. Wilson Benally was caught with “his tongue and finger inside [..]” his female companion’s vag. on the front lawn of a Catholic church while a wedding took place inside.
  • NYC Book Club Goes Topless ‘To Make Reading Sexy,’ Succeeds – HuffPo
    Spring has sprung and NYC’s most famous topless book club, ‘The Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society ‘ is back in action, discussing their favorite pulp fiction books while enjoying the lovely Central Park breeze against there bare bosoms. In case you can’t make it to the city to take part in their next meeting, the good people over at the Huffington Post have included photos in their article.
  • Woman Handcuffed to Seat After Mile-High Sex on Flight – CraveOnline
    A young British woman was arrested on a Virgin Atlantic flight from England to Las Vegas after being caught trying to join the mile-high club… while HER PARENTS sat just a few aisles away!
  • Watch These Women Try Out a Sex Toy in Public for Charity – Nerve
    To help raise funds for The Orchid Project, a non-profit that aims to end female circumcision, the guys of Simple Pickup vowed to donate $5 for each second a woman lasted on a Sybian… in public! They got the whole thing on video and are donating an additional $100 for every 100,00 views they get. So if you are into charity AND seeing girls in bikinis have public orgasms, go take a look!
  • V. Stiviano sex tape? – MStarz
    In unsurprising news, Steve Hirsch (head of Vivid and lover of free publicity) has offered V. Stiviano, the ex-girlfriend of old man and racist Clippers owner Donal Stirling, an undisclosed sum to star in skin-flick for Vivid. Hirsch promises to cast only the “most well-endowed black men in the porn industry” to co-star with Stiviano in her own personal celebrity revenge-porn movie. Will Stiviano join the ranks of Kim Kardashian, Mimi Faust, Farrah Abraham, and Tila Tequila? Probably not, but you never know.
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