Weekly Link Roundup #8

Here Are the 15 Finalists in Pornhub’s Search for a Brilliant Non-Pornographic Ad – AdWeek
People can knock PornHub for having a mostly-illegal business model, but they sure do know how to self promote. After last month’s Arbor Day initiative, the tube site folks are in the news again, this time for their hilarious crowdsourced SFW ad campaign.

The unsexy reality of life on a hardcore porn shoot – Courier Mail
Some Aussie bros filming a TV show ended up at an adult film shoot for Austin Powers XXX, and discovered that behind the scenes porn isn’t all fluffers and drugs and insanity.

History’s Most Notoriously Terrible Lovers – Nerve
Despite creating an empire based on his image of being a swnky lady-killer, Playboy’s Hugh Hefner is said to be one-minute man. Read the article to find out which other famous folks are flops in the sack.

15 Things I Overheard At A Domination And Fetish Convention – Buzzfeed
Some dude at Buzzfeed visited DomCon in Los Angeles and took pictures of all the weird stuff he saw so you didn’t have to attend. Highlights: human puppy races, a Star Wars inspired spanking paddle, and lots of doughy people wearing fishnets.

Tennessee Man Had Sex With ATM, Picnic Table – HuffPo
FInally, news about a weirdo that didn’t come out of Florida! A drunked Tennessee man decided to wander around a bar in the buff and then fucked an ATM and a wooden picnic table. Cops busted him for public intoxication but there are no reports as to wether his partners got off.

4 ways to have sex like an Ancient Roman – Bizzare
Are french maid outfits and silk blindfolds not enough to spice up your love life anymore? Everything old is new again when you back in time to the Roman Empire with this list of offbeat sex tips.

Watch The Banned Cartoon That Denmark Uses To Get Young People To Vote – 9Gag
The Danes may have found their secret weapon to combat voter apathy among – an insane cartoon featuring a muscley badass who rides dolphins and fucks 4 hot ladies at once.

I am Sloane Steel and I work at Bang Bros, a porn company, ask me anything! – Reddit
One of Bang Bros’ marketing folks headed to /r/AskReddit to answer questions about her job. The results were not exciting, proving again that working in porn ins’t like living in Boogie Nights world 24/7. (Note to BangBros: hire more interesting people to be your face on social media)

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