When I was in LA I decided to get my makeup done the last day of shooting by the MUA who had been on set. “Something cute,” I told her “maybe some pinks eyeshadow and some blush.” Oh, no no no, I got a full face of porn makeup aka whorepaint (get it!?).

This is was I look like, au naturale:


….ok, maybe not “natural” but with my normal everyday makeup. Some concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss and I’m good to go.

And this is what I look like with a full face of porno makeup, false eyelashes included!


img_0805 img_0794

img_0801 img_0796

me and my <3 miss ryan keely

I felt like Jon Benet Ramsey or a drag queen r something with the makeup on. It’s totally not my thing and I think it made me look like a bitch But everything was ok, cause Ryan taught me the art of  “lesbian porn kisses” so we didn’t mess up our lipstick.

img_0799 img_0797

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